Network Data Links

Core Technology Partners is aligned with the major Enterprise grade, Australia wide telecommunication companies to delivery premium and high flexible connectivity options to our customers, this extends the functionality of a new or existing Core Technology Partners solution. Customers can leverage existing infrastructure and save on the capital costs of building new infrastructure. Additionally, our national presence minimizes the need for multiple suppliers effectively reducing business operational costs.

A vast amount of different connection options, from 3G wireless to Business grade datacenter connectivity gives you ultimate choice, all through a single vendor.

Core Technology Partners supports the following connectivity options,
each tailored for the exact requirements suited to your business needs:

  • Public Cloud connections
  • MPLS
  • Co-Location uplinks
  • Fibre
  • EFM
  • IPN
  • 3G Wireless
  • PSTN
  • SIP Voice
  • DSL

Each option provides different level of resiliency, leverage the knowledge of Core Technology Partners for architecting a robust and cost effective solution based on business outcomes. By using a solutions company like Core Technology Partners you can take full advantage of all the options available from multiple vendors and carriers, and the knowledge of how best to apply the correct technology to suite business needs. Network options go hand-in-hand with our existing portfolio of private/public clouds, datacenter connectivity, remote office/branch solutions as well as disaster recovery and roaming uses, we can architect and support the whole offering from end-to-end. Core Technology Partners offers management of network and backend connectivity, with enterprise backed service level agreements.

Benefits of a tailored networking solution include:

  • High availability solutions
  • Multiple Nine.s backed SLA
  • Proven reliability
  • Faster access
  • Best of breed
  • Multiple service providers
  • Leading edge operations center
  • Constant service monitoring
  • Managed links and hardware