Public Cloud Virtualisation

Centralised Pay-As-You-Go Servers

Core Technology Partners 's Public Cloud offering provides your business a slice of our Sydney based hosting infrastructure to provide rapid scale up and down, pooling of server resources and a broad range of network connectivity options.

Core Technology Partners has adopted a new approach to extend the functionality of any IT environment to provide more centralised and flexible infrastructure, by migrating applications to our public cloud you can provide a robust and dynamic platform for your users by expanding into an enterprise built and managed system hosted within a trusted Australian data center.

Pay for resources monthly to avoid large capital hardware expenditure, while reducing the need for self-hosting and costly internal management of infrastructure within your premises.

Core Technology Partners Reference Architecture

Core Technology Partners uses the latest technologies, experienced technicians, and expert management practices to achieve functional, dependable, valuable and tailored solutions to our clients.

Tiered cloud server resources give you the ability to select the tier and costing model most appropriate for your application workloads, the following is a breakdown of the three tiers Core Technology Partners based their pricing on:

Tier 1 : Designed for maximum performance
Tier 2 : Designed for best performance to value
Tier 3 : Designed for best value

The following highlights our reference architecture for using our Public Cloud environment as internal or external facing servers supporting various roles:

Public Cloud Diagram


  • No large CAPEX investments.
  • Flexible term contracts.
  • 24/7 phone & email Support.
  • Improve your network connectivity for both head office and remote users.
  • Flexible monthly cost.
  • Dynamically scale your environment up and down.


  • Centralise your applications and services inside an enterprise data center.
  • Take advantage of our 24/7 monitoring and optional full management.
  • Migrate to a highly available architecture with no single point of failure.
  • Various backup and DR options.
  • Gain access to the Core Technology Partners Public Cloud dashboard for self-provisioning of virtual machines and vApps.
  • Job ticketing system.

Why Core Technology Partners?

Core Technology Partners provide advice, design architecture, procurement and implementation services for technology solutions that will automate your core business processes and reduce the total of cost of managing your IT and communications infrastructure.

Our engagement methodology is based upon proven best practise assessments and discovery audits designed to offer impartial and informed business strategies.

Our truly vendor agnostic approach, combined with an extremely strong knowledge of, and working relationships with all Tier 1 vendors, allows CTP to focus on the right solution and outcome for your business and not promote a particular Vendor or technology.

The accumulated skills and hands on experience of our accredited consultants, solution architects, engineers and support specialists allow us to manage your entire IT infrastructure or act as an extension of your internal IT team. These specialists are supported by a very knowledgeable and professional sales force.

Our staff members are innovative, agile and have the business acumen and industry knowledge to recommend and implement technology solutions that will transform your business processes and deliver the maximum return on your investment.

We continuously invest in systems, processes and go-to-market strategies that will help deliver true competitive advantage to your business.